Increased Efficiency and Lowered Residue Levels via Optimized Spraying

taking pictures of moth, attracted by pheromone, it counts the captured moth daily.
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Spraying at the right time is very important for the yield of the crop.


By determining the spray timing, any possible damage to crop is prevented.


Less use of chemicals will decrease the residue level in crop.


Decreases the spraying amount and costs.


Supports Integrated Pest Management programs.

Meet Parts of TrapIQ

How it works?

TrapIQ located in one or more locations depending on the land shape, transmits the photographs to Horizon Cloud via GSM or WiFi technologies. Images that reach to Horizon Cloud are processed through image recognition and artificial intelligence programs. Results of this calculation is shown on the screen of farmer’s computer or smart phone and also notifications are sent.

Early Warning System

Knowledge of weather conditions will result in productivity as we will have information on disease and insect damage before they harm the crop.